The 2018 Science Scholarship

We are delighted to announce that Reema Bhardwaj has been awarded RCIScience’s 2018 Science Scholarship. This $5,000 award is presented to one or more superior secondary school graduates in the Toronto area, who would like to pursue university study in science but are unable to due to financial constraints.


Reema graduated from the Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School in Burlington Ontario. During her time there, she was not only an excellent student, but offered free tutoring, particularly in chemistry and especially for students facing a language barrier in the classroom.

She was on the Executive of the Student Council, organized charity drives for local causes, all while working two part-time jobs. This experience, according to Reema, taught her valuable time management skills!

Reema graduated as an Ontario Scholar and received the school’s highest marks in both Advanced Functions and Nutrition and Health.

She has just entered her first year of Honours Science at the University of Waterloo and has been pre-admitted to the School of Pharmacy, where she plans to complete a Masters and PhD.

Keeping her time management skills sharply honed, Reema is volunteering with Let’s Talk Science in Waterloo.

She notes that, “As I carry on my academic journey, it is my foremost goal to inspire my colleagues of all backgrounds, while reminding them to fear nothing and dream big.”

We are so pleased that Reema applied for the Scholarship and look forward to presenting her with her award at this evening’s Quantum + Pop Culture event in Waterloo.