Remembering Penny Park, 2014 Fleming Medal Winner

Penny Park passed away on Friday, December 14th. We remember Penny as a friend and adviser to the RCIScience Program Committee and also for her vital contributions to science journalism in Canada. Read more about that in the 2014 Fleming Medal Citation. And please visit the Science Media Centre of Canada, which Penny founded, to learn more about their important work.

The 2018 William Edmond Logan Award - November 9, 2018

Goes to the Science Communication Program at Laurentian University in partnership with Science North. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the public understanding of science. We are delighted to recognize this program and its graduates who are changing science communication in Canada.

Our politicians need to understand why science matters - July 13, 2018

In response to the dismissal of Ontario’s chief scientist, our Chair and Vice-Chair, Peter Love and Reinhart Reithmeier, wrote an opinion piece for The Star outlining why science matters, why there is no room for 'Fake News' and why, more than ever, we need to foster a society that embraces science to build a stronger Canada.

Toronto vs Raccoons - April 18, 2018

Two years ago, Toronto thought it had finally outsmarted raccoons rummaging through its garbage. The answer? Green bins with a latch. But all that has been called into question after a raccoon was caught on video opening an aforementioned green bin (and making it look rather easy!). Incoming RCI Science Vice-Chair, Dr Suzanne MacDonald, is an animal behaviour specialist and spoke to Metro Morning about Toronto's sneaky raccoon population.

Helping Refugees Feel Welcome Through Science - March 16, 2018

Our very own Trustee, Dr Sapna Sharma, spoke to Metro Morning to share details of the SEEDS program - a volunteer initiative that aims to welcome newly arrived refugees to Canada through experiential explorations in science outreach. From visiting a blue whale exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum to conducting science experiments, Sapna's initiative is hugely impactful, and we're proud to be part of the program.

For more information on the SEEDS program or for details on how to donate, please visit SEEDS at YorkU.