The RCIScience Science Scholarship is a $5,000 award presented to one or more superior secondary school graduates in the Toronto area, who would like to pursue a university study in science but are unable due to financial constraints.

Scholarship Details

The RCIScience Science Scholarship is intended to assist students with first-year tuition and incidental fees at the recipient's Canadian university of choice. Scholarship payments are conditional on the recipient being enrolled in a science-oriented university program and attending classes regularly.

This $5,000 one-time award is for one academic year only, and successful recipients are not eligible to reapply. Unfortunately, students on study permits and visas are not eligible for this scholarship.

Award Disbursement
First payment of $1,000 - Two weeks before recipient's first tuition instalment is due.
Second payment of $2,000 - December 15 of every year.
Last payment of $1,000 - March 1  of every year.

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Current Scholarship Winners

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Victoria Parks s.s | Toronto
2013 RCIS Science Scholarship

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Central Peel Secondary School | Toronto
2013 RCIS Science Scholarship


  • 1996: Thai Yen Ly
    Bloor C.I. Western
  • 1997: Martin ChijaniCentral
    Technical Schoo Toronto
  • 1998: Senthil Namasivayam
    Central H.S. of Commerce Ottawa
  • 1999: Duyen Luong
    Danforth C. + T. I. Toronto
  • 2000: Vathany Kulasingam
    Ursula Franklin Academy Toronto
  • 2001: Donna Cheung
    Harbord C. I. Ryerson
  • 2002: Asiya Basirahmed
    Munshi Eastern Commerce | Toronto
  • 2003: Matei A. Zaharia
    Jarvis C.I.  Waterloo
  • 2004: Mudassar Ahmad
    Monarch Park C.I.  | McMaster
  • 2005: Steven Kim
    Emery C.I. Waterloo
  • 2006: Sara Elsadati
    Marc Garneau C.I. | Toronto
  • 2007: Himali Patel
    Thistletown C.I. | Toronto
  • 2008: Ted Liu
    C.W. Jeffery C.I. | Toronto
  • 2008 :Leah Robertson
    Pope John Paul II C.S.S | Toronto


  • 2012 Ying ZhaoHarbord
    C.I.University of Waterloo
  • 2013 Rishita Gupta
    Victoria Park S.S.Western University
  • 2014 Betty Nwaogwugwu
    James Cardinal McGuigan C.S.S.York University
  • 2015 Sunaina SaadatNorth
    Albion C.I.McMaster