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What if things start to think for themselves? The Promise and Perils of Artificial Intelligence

  • Desmarais Building, University of Ottawa 55 Laurier Avenue East Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5 Canada (map)

Artificial Intelligence. It sounds like a term more suited to science fiction than science fact, but as it becomes a matter of reality we ask this panel: how does it really work, what challenges do researchers face, how likely is a 'super-intelligent' AI and what are the implications for society and policy?

Dr. Graham Taylor, scientist with the Vector Institute and University of Guelph, will talk about the science/technology of machine learning and AI, using real-life examples and examples from his research so that we may better understand how AI and machine learning works, and what challenges research faces.

Dr. Kelly Bronson, ISSP, University of Ottawa, will share her perspectives of the societal impacts of AI and address a recent report from the UK's Science and Technology Committee which suggests that the social and ethical impact of AI could shake up the world in the near future. If AI technology is going to disrupt the way people live and work, we wonder: to what extent? “While we cannot yet foresee exactly how this 'fourth industrial revolution' will play out, we know that gains in productivity and efficiency, new services and jobs, and improved support in existing roles are on the horizon, alongside the potential loss of well-established occupations.”

Dr. Jim Davies, professor at Carleton University's Institute of Cognitive Science and the School of Computer Science and director of the Science of Imagination Laboratory will address the policy and ethical issues associated with AI. A three times TEDx speaker, Dr. Davies research explores computational modeling and artificial intelligence applied to human visual imagination. His work has shown how people use visual thinking to solve problems, and how they visualize imagined situations and worlds.

4.30-5.00pm: Registration & Refreshments

5.00-6.15pm: Panel discussion and Q&A

6.15-6.30pm: Networking opportunity

This is the second in a series of events presented by the Royal Canadian Institute for Science and the Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP) to address the impact of emerging science and technology innovations on society.

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